Personalization in finance is a process that has been steadily developing for the last decade. It’s the most crucial trend you can pay attention to as it captures the essence of what modern consumers want. Individual service and attention.

Personalized finance is a journey with the customer in focus. Getting closer to customers means meeting them where they are, understanding their individual goals, and providing advice they actually *want* need.

Technology has introduced a tremendous change in personal finance. While it hasn’t yet democratized traditional banking and finance the way it’s promised, it’s well on its way — transforming the…

As artificial intelligence is becoming core to traditional financial services organizations no surprise: banks, investment management or leading financial advisory enterprises are in the accelerated path of researching solutions, to transform their entire businesses and innovate fast enough to provide smart, user-centric digital services that allow them to retain customers, build intelligent digital engagement and provide new revenue streams.

In order to understand some of the most actual financial market challenges & critical undertakings from the inside and both from the business & emerging technology viewpoints I decided to take a closer look into the finance community and to participate…

Motto: Knowing the rules of how to play chess does not make you a world-class chess player.


I wish to summarise my recent set-ups I have had over the past years when working with the JCommerce team ( on providing software development and consulting services to Clients in Western and Northern Europe. Today’s article will concern mainly the Clients’ feedback tips related to their initial requests as well as the challenges associated with concluding contracts.


The modern, digitised world does not mean just dynamically changing technology, strategy and business; it may also, and in particular, mean the rapidly changing and broadly understood cultures (forming on both the micro- and macro-scale). As opposed to any other period in the history of the world, the influence and domination of a culture referred to as the client-centric cultureis evident in the 21st century. This culture, in turn, should determine the way in which service providers and clients are to model and collate the area of their mutual co-operation.

Onboarding as the key process in the interaction between…

I remember the end of the holidays of 1999 in every detail. Together with my Father and my younger Brother, we went sowing oilseed rape. For those of you who were not brought up in the countryside, I will just drop a hint here: sowing is considered one of the most important agricultural practices employed in oilseed rape cultivation.

Since my early childhood, my Grandfather, and later my Dad as well, have kept raising my awareness that the most important elements ensuring a good sowing of oilseed rape include the sowing date, the number of plants per area unit and…

Paweł Mikler

Software Engineer turned Technology Business Consultant & International Expansion Professional. Husband and dad. Music Lover. Frequently on a plane.

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